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Spirit Fire Sword Quest

Pre requisite : Finish Ice Labyrinth quest

1. Go to Tanais 82,18 talk to Jeong.
2. He will ask you to get to next NPC at Last room of "The well dungeon" located at Trowulan 94,105
3. He will ask you to bring him "Eternal Ice" get it from ice labyrinth boss at certain time, this quest is quite easy to do, so to keep things exciting figure out the time yourself, i will just give you hint and not spoon feed you hehe..
Hint 1 : Ice lab boss
Hint 2 : Kill at the exact "time"
Hint 3 : Even if u kill it at the right time, the boss will not always drop the item.
4. After you get Eternal Ice go back to The well, and report to NPC
5. He will ask you to search for NPC named Pyong who lives at Nagnang
Hint : He is inside a cave
6. He will ask you to bring him all the amber that exist on eNexia world, 10 piece each, and that is :
10 Amber, dull amber, charm amber, magical amber
10 Dark amber, dull dark amber, charm dark amber, magical dark amber
10 White Amber, dull white amber, charm white amber, magical white amber
10 Yellow Amber, dull Yellow amber, charm yellow amber, magical yellow amber, Yellow Amber Powder
10 Red Amber

Dark key, Water Shield(Mythic Horse), Thunder Shield(Mythic Chicken), Fire Sword

7. Report back to NPC
8. Done. You get the Spirit Fire Sword (Break on Death), Congratz!

Author: habaek (12/17)




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